5 Helpful Cooking Tips for Any Skill Level

Anyone who’s spent time in the kitchen knows that cooking and baking can be a fun and creative adventure. What makes it even better are the never-ending tips and tricks and hacks that you can use to make cooking an easier and more enjoyable experience, and most importantly, level up the; flavor in your recipes!

Here are some of our favorite kitchen tips and cooking hacks (in no particular order) that we use often when experimenting with recipes in the Gheeluxe kitchen.

Use clarified ghee butter for high heat cooking

This is one of the main reasons why we love ghee! No doubt that butter is delicious, but it’s milkfat content gives it a low smoke point and thus makes butter a bad candidate for high heat cooking methods like sautéing. Many chefs and cooking enthusiasts combat this by mixing butter with a neutral cooking oil so that they can get the buttery flavor without the risk of burning.

Ghee takes care of this problem because the milkfat is removed during the clarifying process, raising its smoke point from around 350°F to a whopping 485°F! Now you can fry up your favorite vegetables, chicken, fish or steak in luscious butter without needing to cut it with oil.

Add coffee creamer to French toast

If you’re out of milk or just want to upgrade your French toast, you can add your favorite coffee creamer to the egg wash and mix well before dipping the bread. Spice up breakfast or brunch with flavors like French vanilla, hazelnut, caramel latte, or pumpkin spice!

French Toast Hack

Oven roast garlic in a muffin tin

Have a bunch of garlic laying around? Roast them all conveniently at once with a muffin tin. This nifty little trick is great because it ensures uniform roasting and easier cleanup. It also helps with portioning if you’re prepping garlic for specific recipes. You can still cover with foil if desired or go topless and nix the foil altogether!

Bake turkey bacon on parchment paper

Turkey bacon is delicious and very versatile in terms of cooking methods. You can fry it on a skillet like good ole fashioned pork, air fry it or bake it in the oven. If you go the baking route, try switching out aluminum foil with parchment paper for an evenly cooked, crispier, more flavorful bacon.

Hot start hard-boiled eggs to make them easier to peel

We’ve tested this and can confirm it works. There’s also tons of research to back up the claim that water temperature when first adding your eggs to the pot can make a huge difference in the peeling process. The trick to make peeling easier is to add the eggs to the pot when the water is at a rolling boil, rather than adding them to cold water and boiling after.

It’s also said you can use vinegar or baking soda to help with peeling, although this is recommended more for farm-fresh eggs rather than store-bought.

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